“Poetry is as exact a science as geometry.”

In the middle of an explosion of shapes, strict lines and bound breaking angles, Guava was born.

Inspired by the rich architectural and geometric imaginative, Ines Caleiro, created a shoe brand that was almost like art flowing from the mathematics and design books.

“After my experience at Jimmy Choo in London, I went to the US to work in a luxury furniture design brand. I was able to explore Design into a new dimension and my devotion for shoes become stronger. Later I packed my bags and returned to Portugal to start my very own adventure, Guava Shoes. Since then, a wonderful journey has started”.

Guava shoes is the pursue of ethereal beauty in geometric creations. As it was made by a woman for women, its aim is to celebrate independent, travelled, artistic souls who will put on nothing but a daring statement piece on their feet.

We want to make a difference by creating timeless pieces of art that can be wearable and exquisite.

Welcome to our world.

With Love,

Guava Showroom . Rua Augusto Rosa 39, 1st floor, room 1.12, 4000-098 Porto, Portugal

Tel. +351 913 022 618