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Christine da Cunha
Just received my shoes... They are soooo Beautiful ! :)
Laura Rădulescu
I can say that all of Guava shoes that I have bought are of exquisite elegance and very high quality leather materials.
The last pair of shoes arrived literally the next day, so this delivery performance is awesome! Keep it up.
Ginta Šolytė
I put my first pair of shoes on Monday for the office. My supervisor, norwegian lady who never gives any remarks about my look was fascinated. “Wow”! She said. “What a beautiful shoes you got” :) She wrote down the name of the website as I was spelling it out :)
Janelle Robson
Guava heels are the most comfortable I've ever worn. The quality of all the Guava shoes I have is fantastic, and I always receive so many compliments when I wear them. I only wish I could visit Portugal more often to try new styles on!
Sandra Pais
Beautiful brand, with a lot of elegance and still very practical.
Mariana Morgado
I am an unconditional fan. Good design, excellent quality, elegant and fun.
Mariana Chalabardo
For me Guava is an outstanding portuguese brand. Is the brand that made me fall in love for shoe design. I am always showing the brand to everyone, as I am so proud of this brand being portuguese and for being an unique, high quality, good design and comfortable product. 
Elsa Maria
Excellence, quality and elegance! A brand that makes all the difference! Congratulations Ines for inspiring us.
Catarina Matos
Comfort, exceptional quality and appealing design! Irreverence with taste.
Well done!
Teresa Zuna
I got the sandal and they are so exquisite and so beatutiful, definetelly worth the wait!
Joana Teixeira 
From the unwrapping of the shoe to actually wear them feels like you are experiencing a work of art!
Paula Pires
It's my third time buying from GUAVA. The brand has really good design, quality and comfortable product. Oh and it's customer service is excellent, as well.
Mafalda Maçaroco
Guava has a strong identity, great quality and attention to details which is wonderful. My relationship with Guava is magical. Now I am waiting for some flat geometric options to increase my selection.
Diana Amar
Super comfortable heels. They are perfect. Love the design of all of them. Comfort and eye for detail approved. I am already a fan. They are beautiful!
Maria Teresa Santos
I just received the most beautiful shoes of the season!
Carla Crispim
This is my third Guava purchase. I simply love your creations ! :)