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Geometric. Sense of wonder.
Groundbreaking. Elegant.
And then, with a bang...GUAVA was born.


In the middle of an explosion of shapes, strict lines and bound breaking angles, GUAVA was born.
Each shoe is a unique creation and each heel is a fashion statement.
GUAVA fits your style with an ease that most of us search a lifetime for. We add to your basic everyday life a little extra, a little thing that makes heads turn.
Because you are the reason we do what we do.

So, from us to you: Welcome to GUAVA.




Inspired by the rich architectural and geometric imaginative, Inês Caleiro, created a shoe brand that was almost like art flowing from the mathematics and design books.
Since she was a little girl, Inês has been in love with geometric shapes. From her grandfather, she inherited the passion for architecture and also the wild spirit to break just enough rules. Not all rules, but just enough in order to present the world with mind blowing avantgarde heels.
Ines studied in London College of Fashion and she graduated as honor student and was awarded the best student of the year award.
Following that she has worked for Jimmy Choo, two London based jewellery luxury brands and Boca do Lobo, a premium furniture brand.  





Alexandra Pinto Fula
Head of Marketing & Sales
A true child of the 90's but yet born in the late 80's.
Vogue addicted and caffeine lover. Alexandra is always cooking some big ideas.
Maria Rodrigues
Customer Service & Supply Chain Manager
Hopeless dreamer, chocolate lover from Monday to Sunday and a strong believer that laugh is the best therapy.
Lurdes Monteiro
Marketing Assistant
When trying to find a what could be a proper description for herself, she found this magical quote: “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn, then always be a Unicorn.”
And it must be said, it is a quite accurate description of herself.